Meet the 2022 Interns

This year, we're celebrating the 20th year anniversary of our internship program! We're proud and privileged to continue to be able to select from a very strong pool of candidates from across the U.S. for 20 years... and this year is no exception. Each applicant completed an extensive application and was vetted by a dedicated selection committee comprised of physicians and MHIF staff.

Click on each of the interns below to read their bios and learn about their research projects!

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2022 Intern Program Organizers

Many thanks to the MHIF staff that lead and support the internship program:

Jan Dick
Chief Talent, Education and Strategy Officer and Executive Sponsor, Intern Talent Management

Ross Garberich, MS, MBA
Sr. Director, Scientific Services Executive Sponsor, Intern Projects

Maia Hendel, MPH
Education Project Manager Leader, Intern Educational Experiences Education & Communications Specialist

Larissa Stanberry, PhD
Director of Data Science and IIR Leader, Intern Project Data Management

Scientific Services Team

Staff Mentors and Lead Mentor, Sarah Schwager

Dr. David Hurrell,
Chair of the Education Committee

Dr. Scott Sharkey,
Chief Medical Officer

Lisa Tindell, RN, BSN,
Sr. Director, Research Operations

Jenni Wagner,
Education Support