Johanna Theeler

Daniel J. Spiegel Family Foundation Intern

Hometown: LeMars, IA
Education: University of Iowa
MD Mentor: Dr. Nedaa Skeik
Staff Mentor: Andie Sarafolean
Project: Renal artery disorder

How did you hear about the MHIF internship and why did you want to participate?

I actually saw the internship on a previous intern's LinkedIn! After looking into the program myself, I became interested because of the unique opportunity to spend the summer doing clinical research while also getting to shadow clinicians. I have hopes of becoming a physician and performing research throughout my career, and am excited to be able to learn about the field of cardiology.

What sparked your interest in the field of research, medicine and cardiology? 

I have been interested in medicine since high school - the chance to have a career where I can apply my love for science, problem-solving, and making a difference in others’ lives has always intrigued me. My passion for medicine has been affirmed throughout my experiences, specifically working as a phlebotomist, and observations of physicians. I have grown interested in research by my current research in medical physics at Iowa. I study biomedical engineering, and like medical physics, cardiology is a field that combines engineering principles with medicine. I have also been able to learn about cardiology through my coursework, which has furthered my interest in the field.

What is your desired career in medicine?

I aspire to be a physician, and am keeping my options for specialties open! I want to be able to do research in my career and am interested in academic medicine.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I am looking forward to exploring research and clinical practice in cardiology, working with my physician and staff mentors, getting to know my fellow interns, and exploring Minneapolis!

What do you hope to gain from this experience? 

I hope to gain a better understanding of the workings of clinical research, improve my scientific writing skills, and explore cardiology as a potential future career.

What are your plans after the summer?

I will be returning to the University of Iowa for my senior year. I am also applying to medical school this summer, so will hopefully begin after graduating.

What is a fun fact about you?

My hometown is the ice cream capital of the world.


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