About Us

For 41 years, MHIF has been one of the leading nonprofit cardiovascular and vascular research and education institutions in the country with over 200 active research studies and publications ongoing each year.

Our Mission & Vision

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Our Mission

Improve the cardiovascular health of individuals and communities through innovative research and education.

Our Vision

Create a world without heart and vascular disease.

The Importance of Partnership

The relationship between MHI physicians and MHIF is vital to our work. Through the passion and innovation of our physician partners, we can continue to conduct cutting-edge research on a daily basis, just as Dr. Katsiyannis describes here:

The Impact of Research

As a research-driven organization, our results matter. We’re committed to tracking our outcomes so that our research and education resources continue to grow farther and wider. Learn more about our work from this past year:

2,000+ Patients Screened
230+ Active Research Studies
11,000+ Hours of Education

Our History

40-years of MHIF

We are MHIF

We partner with 100+ cardiologists at Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute (MHI), which has been one of the top-rated cardiovascular care centers in the world since 1981 and consistently is awarded with national rankings by US News and World Report for cardiology and heart surgery. Our integration with this high-quality, high-volume cardiovascular care center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital allows us to study and offer cutting-edge treatment to a large number of patients.

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