Physician-Initiated Research

The MHIF Physician-Initiated Research Program provides our researchers the opportunity to design and lead their own studies to answer critical heart and vascular health questions that might otherwise go unanswered. This research is funded by MHIF and not sponsored by industry partners. 

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Researching Critical Questions

Every day in their clinical practice with patients, our partnering cardiologists and vascular specialists at the Minneapolis Heart Institute® (MHI) continually unearth new questions that are important to explore further. Our MHIF physician-initiated research program gives these partners the opportunity to design and lead their own research studies to answer these critical heart and vascular health questions that might otherwise go unanswered.

This research is fully funded by MHIF and is not sponsored by industry partners like medical device or pharmaceutical companies. Each research project is conceived and led by an MHI® physician and is executed by a dedicated team of highly skilled MHIF staff

Our physician-initiated research program has gained an international reputation by virtue of a number of key contributions to improving heart and vascular health around the world. Studies range from the use of stem cells to exploring the effects of diet and exercise and lifestyle factors, to exploring health disparities. 

In addition to transforming patient care, this research helps improve medical practice, trains future generations of researchers, and is regularly featured at the most prestigious cardiovascular research conferences. 

In 2020, MHIF research physicians designed and began leading more than 70 new physician-initiated studies.

Physician Initiated Heart Research - 70 plus projects in 2020
Heart Surgery

Powered by the Innovation Fund

Physician initiated research is made possible through the Innovation Fund. With the backing of this fund, physicians are able to take more immediate research actions that could lead to inventive new ways to overcome cardiovascular disease.   

“We’re very excited about the Innovation Fund because it will allow us to be more agile in pursuing investigator-initiated research opportunities. As a complement to the research we conduct with funding from our vitally important industry partners, this new fund will enable us to move quickly in commencing important research that will help us further innovation and identify lifesaving treatment options.”  

– Cardiologist and MHIF researcher Dr. William Katsiyiannis

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The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) strives to create a world without heart and vascular disease. To achieve this bold vision, we are dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of individuals and communities through innovative research and education.

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