Developing and empowering the next generation of cardiovascular health professionals through a cutting-edge research internship program

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) offers one of the most outstanding and unique internship opportunities available to undergraduate who are pre-med or planning a career in medicine. The goal of the research internship program is to develop and empower the next generation of cardiovascular health professionals by offering a robust research experience in the field of cardiology.

During this unique educational experience, the research intern is paired with a physician mentor who is actively engaged as a clinician and researcher at a nationally recognized hospital. At the conclusion of the program, the interns will showcase their research work at an open house and poster session. Many projects result in the intern having the opportunity to be an author on an article published in a national scientific journal. As well, some interns have the opportunity to present their work at a national cardiovascular conference.

2018 Research Intern Cohort

Since 2002, a total of 201 research interns have contributed to…

109 posters and presentations
at national scientific sessions



137 publications
in peer-reviewed journals



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2019 Cohort

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