The Intern Experience

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) clinical research interns will contribute to meaningful research projects that have the potential to be published in respected peer-reviewed journals and presented at national cardiovascular conferences. The summer is capped off with a final poster presentation reception where interns present their impactful research, joined by nearly 150 guests, including their physician mentors.

Intern with physician mentor

Physician & Staff Mentors

Unique to this internship is valuable time with your physician and staff research mentors, who will collaborate with you to conduct meaningful research directly in a clinical research environment. This experience takes place at the Twin Cities’ #1 hospital and the #14 hospital in the United States according to U.S. News and World Report. Observational opportunities include observing open-heart surgery, visiting the catheterization lab, wound clinic and much more!


Lunch & Learns

During semi-weekly Lunch and Learns, you will hear from Minneapolis Heart Institute® cardiologists and guest physicians, who discuss the latest learnings in cardiovascular prevention, treatment and care delivery in an intimate setting.

Field Trips

A valuable feature of the Twin Cities is the number of medical device companies that were founded locally and remain in the area. Through your visits to these companies as well as to university laboratories and heart registry organizations, you will experience innovation firsthand. These exposures also enable you to learn about the wide variety of different career choices in the field of medicine.


Poster Session

Throughout the summer, you will work on meaningful cardiovascular research. At the end of the summer, clinical research interns present their findings at a poster session for their mentors, staff, family and invited guests.

Interns on field trip
interns celebrating

Summer Fun

The Twin Cities offer many fun summer recreational activities. Throughout the summer, you are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous lakes, hiking trails, restaurants and other entertainment destinations throughout the Twin Cities and beyond!


Quotes From Past Interns

“My staff mentor was so knowledgeable and giving; she really made a difference to help me navigate the system and optimize my PI.”

“When I first came, I didn’t fully know what a tremendous opportunity this would be. The research and educational experiences were outstanding.”

“Because of this experience, I was able to confirm my interest in becoming a doctor. I also now have a better idea of whether I want, surgery vs clinic, etc. Also, I am now much more interested in making research a part of my career.”

An Ode to the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

A poem by Le Nguyen (2023 intern)

In the heart of Minneapolis, a beacon of innovation shines.  
A summer program attracts the most curious mind,  
The internship at Heart Institute Foundation, a grand design, Where passion meets purpose in disguise.  

Within these halls where aspirations meet,  
Eager spirits find their calling, long lost but now found. 
Amidst the walls where healing beats,  
The chorus of care repeats, fierce and loud.  

From research floors to exam rooms,  
The fragrance of knowledge lingers in the air like perfume. Guided by mentors, wise and graceful,  
The interns learn the art of what healers do.  

Beyond the books, the charts, the tests, 
They find camaraderie through joys and sorrows. 
Supporting each other, united by a family’s thread, 
They weave the memories of today into the fabric of tomorrow. 

Here is an ode to the Minneapolis Heart Institute’s art. 
The internship that ignites each heart,  
A symphony of truth from the universe,  
In the rhythm of a thousand wonders of research. 

Le Nguyen
Give the Gift of Hope
4 photos of families smiling

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) strives to create a world without heart and vascular disease. To achieve this bold vision, we are dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of individuals and communities through innovative research and education.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we can continue this life-saving work. Please make a gift to support the area of greatest need.

Brad Paisley at Heart 360: Concert for Heart Research

purple background
Brad Paisley at Heart 360 Concert

Ready to celebrate with a community that has heart? We are excited to announce Heart 360 Concert for Heart Research on Saturday, November 2 at The Armory with headliner and award-winning country music singer Brad Paisley! Purchase GA tickets via Ticketmaster, or Premium VIP tickets today: