Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center

Access to world-class expertise in cardiovascular imaging allows physicians to see details and detect issues of the heart and vascular system that might otherwise go undiagnosed.

Who We Are & What We Do

In 2019, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation established the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center as a state-of-the-art academic cardiac multi-modality imaging laboratory and core labs. Not long ago, open-heart surgery was performed to explore options. Now, state-of-the-art imaging provides physicians with better information to consider many more options for care — from interventions to medications.

Building on the successful program developed by Dr. John Lesser, the center is led by cardiologists with deep clinical imaging expertise renowned for their expert clinical care and research. Our leading knowledge and access to the latest technology allow us to support the use of advanced imaging across all areas of cardiology.

The Pillars of Our Work

  • Core Lab Services
    • Multiple modalities: CT, MRI and Echo
    • Integration into prospective, multicenter pre-market and post-market trials, early feasibility through pivotal trials
  • Investigator-Initiated Research
    • Original research to refine clinical practice and improve patient outcomes
    • Single-center and multi-center
  • Imaging Education
    • Clinician education via advanced imaging workshops
    • Mentorship of research scholars

Investigator-Initiated Research

The MHIF Physician-Initiated Research Program provides our imaging researchers the opportunity to design and lead their own studies to answer critical clinical questions that might otherwise go unanswered. This research is driven by MHIF, and may include single- or multi-center projects.  

Examples of our research publications:

dr. cavalcante and scholars

Imaging Education

Research Scholars
The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center hosts full-time research scholars for a period of at least two years. Scholars develop significant expertise in designing and executing clinical studies, and previous scholars in the program have been very successful publishing in top-tier journals. More information

Complex Imaging & TMVR Workshop Events
On an ongoing annual basis, MHIF hosts professional education events, including a Complex Cardiovascular Imaging Conference and TMVR Workshops. To stay up to date on upcoming learning opportunities, visit

Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. We would love the opportunity to discuss our services and capabilities. You may reach us via email:

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