Who We Are

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) is an independent, nonprofit research organization that partners with the cardiologists from Minneapolis Heart Institute® to lead groundbreaking clinical research and education focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular disease.

We are MHIF


As one of the leading nonprofit cardiovascular research and education institutions in the United States, our cutting-edge clinical research helps pioneer improvements to diagnose, treat and prevent heart and vascular disease. By educating and disseminating our research findings to physicians across the region, country and world, our work helps optimize patient care to improve and save thousands of lives every year.

Our Vision & Mission


The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation strives to create a world without heart and vascular disease.

To achieve this bold vision, our mission is to improve the cardiovascular health of individuals and communities through innovative research and education.

Minneapolis Heart Institute®


We partner with 70+ cardiologists at Minneapolis Heart Institute® (MHI), which has been one of the top-rated cardiovascular care centers in the world since 1981 and consistently is awarded with national rankings by US News and World Report for cardiology and heart surgery. Our integration with this high-quality, high-volume cardiovascular care center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital allows us to study and offer cutting-edge treatment to a large number of patients. 


Leading the Way to Better Outcomes


 Our highly talented and established team of physicians, scholars and staff have a proven track record of research and scientific dissemination. Check out some key highlights from last year.


Hours of education

Each year, we put research into practive to improve outcomes among health care providers.

New patients enrolled in studies

At any given time, MHIF leads more than 200 research studies with more than 2,200 patients.


Published by MHIF investigators
Driving Innovation
Since MHIF’s inception, Minneapolis Heart Institute® physicians have continued to be among our most ardent supporters and have contributed nearly $12 million to the foundation. This support has fueled cutting-edge innovations such as:
COOL-IT Protocol
The COOL-IT protocol involves lowering core body temperature to reduce the chance of permanent brain damage following sudden cardiac arrest.
Attack Program
Now the model of care for treating heart attack patients across the nation, Level One focuses on rapid transfer and treatment of patients who present to rural hospitals without advanced cardiovascular capabilities.
BROACH Initiative
Through Broadening the Role of Ob-Gyns in Assessing Cardiovascular Health (BROACH), we’re helping improve the rate of heart disease screening for women of all ages.
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Center
Thanks to research, HCM is now a treatable disease and compatible with normal life expectancy; the center attracts more than 300 individuals from around the world each year.
Transcatheter Treatment of Heart Valve Disease
Less-invasive, advanced treatments for aortic and mitral valve disease now provide more options for patients of all ages, reducing the need for open-heart surgery.

The History of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®

In 1982, 13 physicians from Minneapolis Heart Institute® (MHI) had a vision to create MHIF as a nonprofit research organization that would partner with MHI® to fund, support and deliver leading heart and vascular research and education on a local, national and global level.


The Founders of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®



When the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) was formed, the founding physicians enlisted the help of several community leaders who understood the importance of advancing cardiovascular research and education. Together, they recruited 100 supporters who believed that investing in innovative research was essential to improving cardiovascular health in our community and across the country.

Learn more about MHIF Founders here.


Top row: Richard Nelson, Orn Arnar, James Daniel, Charles Jorgenson, Robert Van Tassel, William Kelly, William Northrup Middle row: Ted Peterson, Fred Gobel, Kit Arom, Jonathan Rogers, Joe Kiser Front row: Rolf Andreassen, William Lindsay, Demetre Nicollof

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