Professional Resources

As internationally known leaders in valvular heart disease, our team of physicians shares their research findings through presentations, digital resources, publications, and more.  

Research in Action

MHIF Valve Science Center physicians from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® are renowned leaders across all disciplines. Over the past 8 years, the physicians have:

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Participated in 12 early feasibility studies

Which are only available at select centers worldwide (typically less than 5)

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Published 238 papers in peer-reviewed journals

Published 6 books in cardiovascular disease and given 225 presentations at international meetings

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Enrolled 648 patients

In 58 clinical trials of valvular heart disease

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Served 8 times as national principal investigator

And 8 times as a member of the executive committee or steering committee for clinical trials

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Performed 21 live demonstrations of heart valve therapy

For audiences of national and international scientific meetings

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Grand Rounds

The Valve Science Center is a key and regular contributor to Grand Rounds, our physician and healthcare professional education program. 

Tricuspid Valve Management


Clinical Impact of "Moderate" Aortic Stenosis and the Potential Benefit of Therapy