MHIF in the News for Heart Rhythm Research

Feb 15, 2023

Celebrating a Transformational Gift for the Joseph F. Novogratz Family Heart Rhythm Center

We are grateful to Kevin Doran at KSTP for highlighting the gift from Joseph Novogratz and family and the significance of heart rhythm research through the eyes of Alicia Bravo, who is a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, and Dr. Jay Sengupta, director of the Joseph F. Novogratz Family Heart Rhythm Center. The story also shares perspective from Joe Novogratz about why this generous gift is important to him and his family.


The Joseph F. Novogratz Family Heart Rhythm Center was named following a transformational gift made by Joseph Novogratz and his wife Amy, along with his three children Heidi Johnson, Chris Novogratz and Heather Vranich. The significance of this gift is evident when you consider the patients and families living with heart rhythm conditions, and the passion of MHIF physicians who are committed to carrying forward important research to advance care. 

“I've been through a lot and had the privilege of receiving great care, which led me to want to support this important research for the benefit of my family and so many other families into the future,” said Joseph Novogratz, a long-time supporter of MHIF. “I'm confident that progress is going to be tremendous going forward. If I can support research that continues to help doctors understand heart rhythm conditions, then this gift will make a difference in the lives of other people. I’m looking forward to seeing continued innovation in my lifetime because of the amazing pace of advancing research.”

“The gift from the Novogratz family means that this research will continue well beyond our time here,” said Dr. Jay Sengupta, MD, cardiologist and director of the MHIF Joseph F. Novogratz Family Heart Rhythm Center. “It provides a platform and a foundation for this research to build on itself and continue to accelerate and advance. Patients in Minnesota and around the country will benefit from this tomorrow and for years to come and we're so grateful to the Novogratz family for this opportunity.”