Internship Program

Educating the Next Generation of Cardiologists

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) offers one of the most outstanding and unique internship opportunities available to undergraduate premed students and those studying in other health care disciplines. Our goal: to develop the next generation of cardiovascular health professionals by offering a robust research experience in the field of cardiology or population health.

Financial Support Enhances Internship Experience

Each year, students from around the country apply for an opportunity to be part of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s internship programs. MHIF’s program is made possible by the generous contributions of individual donors, local foundations and industry organizations who share in the belief that hands-on experience is critical for tomorrow’s leaders. Financial support from donors means interns can work with both a staff and a physician mentor to learn about the research process and cardiology. In addition, contributions make enrichment experiences such as guest speakers and field trips possible.

Track Record of Success

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Internship Program is highly successful. Of the 145 intern alums, 28 percent are now practicing physicians, 40 percent are in medical school, 15 percent are undergrad premed students and 17 percent are in other medical professions. To expand the internship program and enhance each participant’s experience, we need continued financial support. Consider making a gift to support the MHIF Internship Program today! For more information on how you can help, please contact Nancy Meyer Wilson at 612-863-4975 or