Van Tassel Legacy Society

Members of the Van Tassel Legacy Society of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) have created a long-term impact by including the Foundation in their estate or financial plans. Society members know the importance of providing research, care and education that will benefit their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

An estate gift of a bequest, retirement plan, life insurance policy or other form of planned gift, supports the cutting-edge research and education of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Often Society members realize an enhanced financial or tax benefit for themselves or their families at the same time.

If you are considering a planned gift to MHIF, thank you! Our staff would be happy to help you discuss the options that are available to you.

If you already have included MHIF in your estate or financial plans, you are eligible for the Van Tassel Legacy Society, and we would be happy to add you. Most importantly, we would appreciate the opportunity to thank you and recognize your generosity.


Please contact MHIF’s Development Team:

Jessica Gottlieb
Advancement Officer, Major Gifts
Cell: 612.979.3870

Nancy Meyer Wilson
Director of Leadership Giving
Cell: 612.990.3831


Who is Dr. Van Tassel?

This society is named in honor of MHIF Co-Founder Dr. Robert Van Tassel and his wife, Betty. Dr. Van Tassel is a retired interventional cardiologist from the Minneapolis Heart Institute and served as a research physician at MHIF. His commitment to excellence in cardiology is known both nationally and internationally. He performed the first coronary balloon angioplasty in Minnesota, and is responsible for numerous medical device inventions and innovations. He has been instrumental in establishing the Foundation as one of the preeminent heart health organizations in the country, and provided the highest quality of care possible to thousands of patients throughout his career.

Dr. Van Tassel now works in the medical device sector and holds over 20 patents in the medical device arena. He continues to serve as a member of MHIF’s Board of Directors and remains a critical supporter of our work.

MHIF founders event photo
van tassel robert and betty


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