Jim Lamont – builder, husband, father, cyclist, outdoors enthusiast, and heart research participant

Jim Lamont and physician

You know that feeling when you’ve finished a big project and you’re ready to enjoy a little relaxation? Jim Lamont was almost there. He had just completed a good stretch of work as a home builder in Clear Lake, IA and was ready to settle into a well-deserved vacation when he suffered a heart attack that required bypass surgery.

Originally from Minneapolis, he was familiar with Abbott Northwestern Hospital, but it was because of the strong urging of his daughter, a nurse, that he was flown by helicopter to Minneapolis for the procedure.

And he’s very happy that he was introduced to “the best doctors” he’s known. His connection to Minneapolis Heart Institute started him down a path of greater health and recovery thanks in part to his willingness to take an important next step: participate in heart research studies.

AccuCinch Study

Jim had always lived a life of energy and vitality. He was willing to do whatever it took to regain those hallmarks of his pre-heart attack life, so he eagerly enrolled in a stem-cell study before finding out he was also a candidate to participate in a research study to receive the AccuCinch Ventricular Restoration System.

Minneapolis Heart Institute has been implanting the AccuCinch since October of 2018. It is intended to treat patients experiencing symptoms of heart failure due to an enlarged left ventricle (the heart chamber that pumps blood).Patients enrolled in studies for AccuCinch commit to a minimally invasive procedure and regular post-procedure check-ins. Jim received care from Dr. Eckman, cardiologist and principal investigator in the study, who has expertise in heart failure and has been involved with the AccuCinch studies for several years.

“The AccuCinch device trial is an exciting option for many patients with heart failure and preliminary results suggest improvements in the size of the left ventricle and patient quality of life,” said Dr. Eckman. “Participation in a research study can be a great option for patients with heart disease who have not been satisfied with current care options. We are proud to partner with interested patients to help advance our understanding of how we can best treat heart and vascular disease.”

Impressed, Grateful, and Very Pleased

Commuting to the study from Clear Lake, IA, Jim was at first a little concerned about finding the time to participate but he was impressed with the follow-up he received after his procedure and found each session was amazingly efficient.

“The doctors, nurses, and technicians have the process down to a science. I’m never waiting,” said Jim.

It’s willing research patients that make a major difference in finding cures for the next generation. As Dr. Eckman said, “I am grateful for MHIF to help ensure that we have the ability to offer so many research studies, allowing our patients have access to as many options for their care as possible.”

Best of all, Jim is back in the saddle. As a longtime outdoorsmen and cyclist, he was missing some of his favorite pastimes. Prior to the implant, he would get on his bike, but lose energy after just a few blocks. Now, he’s back to biking and even purchased a new pedal kayak – something he would not have done prior to the study. He’s feeling much better and spending time with family, in his local lumberyard, and on the trout streams.  

Simply stated said Jim, “I’m just very pleased.”


MHIF is currently enrolling in CORCINCH-HF 5019 involving the AccuCinch. Patients will now be randomized into either a treatment or control group. The patients that randomize into the control group and do not receive the device right away, will have the opportunity to cross over to the treatment group after two years. Learn more on our clinical studies page and talk to your doctor about your options.

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