Pathway to Prevention

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® is proud to launch its Pathway to Prevention Campaign.This new campaign focuses on the prevention of heart disease through healthier lifestyles, early detection and preventing recurrent heart attacks. The Pathway to Prevention campaign requires $4.5 million in funding to propel MHIF’s cutting-edge prevention research and inform the health agenda in the coming decades. MHIF has identified a comprehensive approach for its prevention research that includes effective community and clinical strategies. By circling all sides, MHIF will succeed in realizing its vision.

The Pathway to Prevention Campaign has three critical components:

Prevent It

Prevent Heart Disease Before it Happens: Funding Need: $3 Million

MHIF will raise $3 million to successfully complete the Hearts Beat Back®: The Heart of New Ulm Project (HONU) initiatives, disseminate findings and educate other populations on effective ways to deploy community-based efforts to eliminate heart and vascular disease. Funding would support efforts such as:

  • Intervene: Identify, intervene and measure impact with high-risk New Ulm community members through health care, worksite, school and community initiatives.
  • Sustain: Continue to build community supports through consultation on policy, systems, and food and built environment improvements.
  • Measure: Complete community surveillance through 10-year community screenings, resident surveys, environmental assessments and data analysis to understand longitudinal impact.
  • Disseminate: Share findings with communities through local and national presentations, papers, consultation and MHIF’s Connecting to Transform Communities conference.

Identify It

Identify Heart Disease Early: Funding Need: $1 Million

MHIF is a leader in the recognition and treatment of patients with high cholesterol and premature heart disease, and will raise $1 million to support work in this area. Early identification, education and treatment of those at risk for premature heart disease is critical. Funding would support efforts such as:

  • Coronary Artery Calcium Test (CAC) Study:
    • Understand the value of the test in identifying individual risk of heart disease by conducting a randomized control trial to determine if CAC testing should be recommended as a routine screening test for coronary heart disease.
    • Determine if CAC testing changes physician and consumer behavior.
  • Broadening the Role of OB-GYNs in Assessing Cardiovascular Health (BROACH) Initiative:
    • Expand capacity to educate providers and patients to ensure all young women can identify risks early and become empowered to lead more healthful lives.
  • Families with Inherited Cholesterol Disorders:
    • Establish a database to identify families with inherited cholesterol disorders, ensure effective treatment is provided, track outcomes and educate other providers.

Halt It

Halt Heart Attacks from Happening Again: Funding Need: $500,000

Men and women who suffer from early heart disease are at highest risk for a recurrent cardiovascular event, and women are more likely to die of their first cardiovascular event compared to men. In 1992, MHIF established the 55 and Under Registry in which several thousand people are currently enrolled. Identification and tracking of individuals can help determine common disease presentation symptoms that may prompt intervention earlier in the disease process.

MHIF will raise $500,000 to:

  • Establish a Women’s 55 and Under Registry to track women who develop heart disease prior to the age of 55. Novel risk markers and family screening will be checked.
  • Update the 55 and Under Registry. Follow up on the clinical outcomes of the patients currently in the database.


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