Innovation Fund

Dedicated to Answering Critical Questions

MHIF research focuses on compelling frontiers of treatment and clinical areas of urgent patient need. Working in concert with the cardiologists and vascular specialists at the nationally ranked Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, MHIF research teams use Innovation Funds to ask critical questions, investigate the answers to identify lifesaving treatment options and share ndings to improve outcomes.

These questions span the spectrum of cardiovascular disease, including structural heart, coronary therapeutics, cardiac surgery, vascular disease, transplants, stem cells, prevention, imaging, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and women’s heart health. As one of the nation’s premier cardiovascular research institutions, MHIF plays a unique role in accelerating change in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease across the globe.

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of men and women in the United States. New research which pushes the boundaries to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease will make a difference in the lives of millions. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation seeks $5 million in 5 years to support and grow investigator-initiated research projects, providing research staff and scienti c services, biostatistics and technology.

Consider a gift today to the MHIF Innovation Fund and make a difference in furthering innovation and saving lives.

Innovation Funds Support:

Disease and Disease Progression

Improve the ability to understand, identify and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Intervention Studies

Evaluate new procedures or advanced techniques that improve outcomes for patients.

Registry Studies

Use the power of patient data to change the way we identify or effectively treat conditions.

Care Delivery Studies

Look for ways to deliver value-based care for better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.