Make an Impact

Your Contributions Catalyze Innovation and Save Lives

Through your financial support, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) investigators make new discoveries and implement transformational programs that help people live longer and healthier lives. Support from donors helps educate the next generation of cardiovascular professionals through MHIF’s internship program. And contributions make dissemination of findings possible, accelerating the impact of MHIF’s work. Each dollar of support saves lives, which is the best investment possible.

Specific Campaign Options

If there is a specific initiative or area of research that is of special importance or interest to you, please make that designation, and we will ensure that your donation goes to support that campaign. Below are the campaigns for which we are currently seeking funding. You may also choose to make an unrestricted gift, supporting the areas of highest priority and greatest need.

Internship Program

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® offers one of the most outstanding and unique internship opportunities available to undergraduate premed students and those studying in other health care disciplines.

Pathway to Prevention

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® Pathway to Prevention Campaign focuses on the prevention of heart disease through healthier lifestyles, early detection and preventing recurrent heart attacks.

Valve Science Center

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) Valve Science Center is working to improve outcomes for the largely undertreated population of patients with valvular heart disease.

Other Ways to Make an Impact

The Van Tassel Society

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®’s (MHIF) Van Tassel Society celebrates the generous individuals who have created a lasting legacy designated to help achieve the vision of a world without heart and vascular disease by including the Foundation in their estate or financial plans. Whether it is through a will bequest, a beneficiary designation for a retirement plan or life insurance policy, a charitable gift annuity, or other form of planned gift, members of the Van Tassel Society provide vital support for MHIF’s research and education programs while potentially enjoying enhanced financial or tax benefits for themselves and their loved ones. If you are considering any of the commitments described above, we encourage you to contact MHIF to discuss your ideas. MHIF staff would like the opportunity to thank you for considering a gift and to recognize your generosity. Please contact Nancy Meyer Wilson at 612-863-4975 or


Get to Know Our Development Team

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s® highly experienced team can assist you with your contribution.

Nancy Meyer Wilson – Director of Advancement

Cardiovascular disease impacts most of us or our loved ones.  My nephew was born with an aortic valve issue and at ten weeks required open heart surgery.  The goal was for him to grow as much as possible before a valve replacement and at the age of ten – in 1987 – he was fortunate to receive the latest valve technology available.  Today, he lives a very full and happy life as a husband, father, talented musician and an amazing person.  To me, he is an example of the importance of medical research and advancements in cardiology. I am proud to work on behalf of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) mission, helping donors connect their support, in meaningful ways, to MHIF’s internationally respected research and advancements – for all our families.

Meeting the Highest Standards

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® proudly displays the Charities Review Council Seal. It confirms that your contributions are invested wisely. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® is also a proud member of the Community Health Charities.