The Founders of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation®


Top row:  Richard Nelson, Orn Arnar, James Daniel, Charles Jorgenson, Robert Van Tassel, William Kelly, William Northrup

Middle row:  Ted Peterson, Fred Gobel,  Kit Arom, Jonathan Rogers, Joe Kiser

Front row:  Rolf Andreassen, William Lindsay, Demetre Nicollof

When the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) was formed, the founding physicians enlisted the help of several community leaders who understood the importance of advancing cardiovascular research and education. Together, they recruited 100 supporters who believed that investing in innovative research was essential to improving cardiovascular health in our community and across the country.

Since 1982, MHIF has referred to the founding cardiologists and initial 100 supporters as the Founders of MHIF. This dedicated group is an important part of the MHIF story, and we’re grateful for their commitment and enthusiasm over the past three decades.

In 2015, a group of Founders stepped forward to serve as the group’s Steering Committee, helping to keep their peers informed about MHIF’s ongoing research, education and impact. Thank you to Shirley Bentdahl, Marna Fullerton, Dr. Robert Hauser, Ben Jaffray, Tom Keller, and Dr. Robert Van Tassel for your dedication to MHIF and your fellow Founders!

MHIF is also grateful for the contributions of our Emeritus Board Members (asterisk denotes deceased): Ray Bentdahl*, Kevin Graham, MD, Thomas Keller, III, Stuart Nolan, Raymond Plank, Sheldon Wert*, Robert Van Tassel, MD