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A world-class research and education center for valvular heart disease, a life-threatening and debilitating condition when left untreated.

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Latest News

Dr. Mario Gössl on WCCO Radio with Roshini Rajkumar Discussing Valve Disease

Dr. Mario Gössl, MHIF Valve Science Center Researcher, chatted about heart valve disease with Roshini Rajkumar on WCCO Radio. More than 5 million Americans have heart valve...


Dr. Paul Sorajja and Kristine Fortman on TCM Move Together Podcast

Dr. Paul Sorajja, the Roger L. and Lynn C. Headrick Family Chair for Valve Science Research at MHIF Valve Science Center, Kristine Fortman, MHIF CEO and Dr....

The Mechanics of a Healthy Heart

JOIN US TO LEARN ABOUT THE: • Public health epidemic of heart valve disease • Importance of listening to a heart murmur • Latest in heart valve...

Landmark Achievements
  • First transcatheter mitral valve replacement in the U.S. Read more.
  • First-in-human therapy of severe mitral annular calcification. Read more.
  • First-in-human therapy of tricuspid regurgitation with the TriClip. Read more.
  • First-in-human therapy with the MyoCor device for treatment of mitral regurgitation. Read more.
  • First-in-human therapy of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with MitraClip. Read more.

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Meet the Team

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