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The Valve Science Center is a world-class research and education center for heart valve disease.

As a world leader in cardiac valve disease research, we actively participate in major clinical trials and conduct research pursued by leading physicians to understand valve disease and apply new treatment, diagnosis or monitoring methods. We are committed to translating heart valve disease research findings, implementing the learnings into routine clinical practice and widely sharing the information nationally and globally.

Leading the way in improving care and outcomes for valve patients, we are are recognized for notable “firsts”, including:

• First implant in world’s first pivotal trial (large study used to seek regulatory approval for the device) to evaluate a new approach for repairing leaky tricuspid heart valves —  2019
• First-in-human therapy of tricuspid regurgitation with the TriClip — 2017
• First-in-human therapy of severe mitral annular calcification using the Tendyne mitral prosthesis — 2017
• First-in-human therapy of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with MitraClip — 2016
• First transcatheter mitral valve replacement in the U.S. with the Tendyne bioprosthetic mitral valve — 2015
– The center is a world-class leader in mitral valve replacement and remains the most experienced site in the world
• First-in-human therapy with the Myocor device for treatment of mitral regurgitation — 2008

Valvular Heart Health Lectures from MHIF Grand Rounds

Watch recordings or view slides from past lectures on heart valve disease and related topics. 

April 19, 2021  TAVR in TAVR, the future is here! by Muhammad Hammadah, MD (Slides) 

January 18, 2021  Journey with Transcatheter Valves by Vinayak Bapat, MD (Slides) (Recording)

October 12, 2020 • Mitral valve prolapse – when does it stop being benign? by Iulia Tulai, MD, Cardiology Fellow, Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital & Hennepin Healthcare (Slides) (Recording)

September 14, 2020 • The Conundrum of Functional Mitral Regurgitation by Maurice Enriquez-Sarano, MD (Slides) (Recording)

April 13, 2020 • Mitral Valve Surgery by Robert J Steffen, MD (Slides) (Recording)

January 20, 2020 • Update of Tricuspid Regurgitation: Evaluation and Treatment by Anene Ukaigwe, MB, BS (Slides) (Recording)

October 14, 2019 • Structural Heart Update 2019 by Paul Sorajja, MD (Slides) (Recording)

September 9, 2019 • Health Care Disparities in Structural Heart Disease – TVINCITIES Update by Mario Gössl, MD, PhD  (Slides) (Recording)

April 22, 2019 • Multimodality Imaging for Valvular Disease – In Whom, When and Why? by João L. Cavalcante, MD, FACC, FSCMR, FSCCT (Slides) (Recording)

December 17, 2018 • The intersection of heart failure and structural cardiology by Peter Eckman, MD, FACC, FHFSA and Paul Sorajja, MD (Slides) (Recording)

January 22, 2018 • Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) 2018 by Paul Sorajja, MD (Slides) (Recording)

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View Recent Valve Science Center Publications

MHIF’s valve team has authored hundreds of papers and presents frequently at national and international conferences. Read some of the latest publications from our team below.

June 2021: Transapical transcatheter mitral valve implantation in patients with prior aortic valve replacement: a feasibility report

May 2021: Incidence and Standardized Definitions of Mitral Valve Leaflet Adverse Events After Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair: the EXPAND Study

May 2021: Prevalence and Implications of Junctional Rhythm During Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

April 2021: Importance of Myocardial Fibrosis in Functional Mitral Regurgitation: From Outcomes to Decision-Making

April 2021: Editorial: The Art of Balancing Functional Mitral Regurgitation Reduction and Gradients After TEER

April 2021: MitraClip After Failed Surgical Mitral Valve Repair – An International Multicenter Study

April 2021: Left Ventricular Scar Burden as a Modulator of Risk in Functional Mitral Regurgitation

April 2021: Neo-LVOT and Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement: Expert Recommendations

March 2021: Proposal for a Standard Echocardiographic Tricuspid Valve Nomenclature

March 2021: Early Effects of Transcatheter Edge-to-Edge Leaflet Repair for Tricuspid Regurgitation: First-in-Human Experience with Computed Tomography

March 2021: Temporal trends and outcomes in utilisation of transcatheter and surgical aortic valve therapies in aortic valve stenosis patients with heart failure

March 2021: Tricuspid Anatomic Regurgitant Orifice Area by Functional DSCT: A Novel Parameter of Tricuspid Regurgitation Severity

Feb 2021: Transcatheter mitral valve repair in a patient with prior atrial septal defect occlusion

Feb 2021: Increased Mortality in Patients With Preoperative and Persistent Postoperative Pulmonary Hypertension Undergoing Mitral Valve Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation: A Cohort Study

Feb 2021: Unveiling outcomes in coexisting severe aortic stenosis and transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis

Feb 2021: Natural history observations in moderate aortic stenosis

Feb 2021: Transcatheter aortic valve replacement in patients with severe comorbidities: A retrospective cohort study

Jan 2021: Outcomes of percutaneous and surgical pulmonary valve implantation

Jan 2021: Imaging for Tricuspid Valve Repair and Replacement

Jan 2021: Trends and Outcomes of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Among Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Jan 2021: Assessment of aortic bioprosthetic valve fracture by Computed Tomography Angiography

Jan 2021: Transcatheter Edge-to-Edge Repair for Treatment of Tricuspid Regurgitation

January 2021: Prosthesis-patient mismatch defined by cardiac computed tomography versus echocardiography after transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Jan 2021: Imaging for Native Mitral Valve Surgical and Transcatheter Interventions

Jan 2021: Edge-to-edge repair: past challenge, current case selection and future advances

Read more publications on PubMed based on authors:

Dr. Paul Sorajja

Dr. Mario Goessl

Dr. Richard Bae

Dr. João Cavalcante

Dr. Santiago Garcia

Dr. Kevin Harris

Dr. John Lesser

Dr. Benjamin Sun

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