Image Guide – where to use what size image

Image size #1 (w280 x h280 pixels)
Recommended Uses = Physician bios, Related Links, Current Studies-list page (feature image), Areas of Focus-list page (feature image), Blog-list page (feature image)
(Note: for Physican Bios, you can upload a square image and on the list page it will appear in a circle.)


Image size #2 (w573 x h250 pixels)
Recommended Uses
= Internal detail pages that have an image, What’s New & Events featured articles, Stories of Gratitude


Image size #3 (w867 x h350 pixels)
Recommended Uses
= blog posts detail view, could be used on internal pages where necessary. For an example of the divi layout to use click here.


Image size #4 (w1160 x h400 pixels)
Recommended Uses
=  404 page, could be used on internal pages where necessary