General Dashboard

To create new page similar to General Dashboard

See here:


To modify existing General Dashboard,

(Unless Template General Dashboard – Final is deleted from Divi > Divi Library, we don’t need to worry if anything is deleted or replaced from this page. We can recover past versions in the Revision control section.)

On Dashboard, Click on Pages > Tree View

Click on Friend and Family Learning.

(or simply, Browse the page (eg. General Dashboard If you are logged in to the dashboard, You will see a black bar at the top of the page. Click on Edit Page.)

1. Page Title

Edit the title of the page.

For adding Icon in page title, See here:



2. Fullwidth Header

Click on  icon.

Scroll down the the editor. And modify the text in it. On general dashboard, big text is written on heading 3 and small text that appears below it is written in heading 4.


3. Stories of Gratitude Blog

Click on  icon.

Choose the category as Stories of Gratitude.