Current Studies Inside Pages – Template 6

To create a page like /category/current-studies/cell-therapy/allstar

Click on Pages > Add New

Click on Use The Divi Builder to activate Divi

Click on Load From Library > Add From Library

Load Template 6a. (Note: If there is content, the content will be lost loading a new template.)

To change any text sections click on hamburger icon. (Note if you create a new Text section and want it to have two columns, you need to enter the phrase ‘two-column’ in the CSS CLASS entry field, which is at the bottom of the edit view)

Select the Category “Cell Therapy” in Categories. (This category will be different if you want it to be in a different section)

Select Parent of Cell Therapy in Page Attributes. (For Bread Crumb Purposes a treeview is displayed in select list)

Click Update Button.