Creating a dynamic link section

Dynamic link sections are utilizing the Divi blog module to get an X number of most recent publications.

On this example page, you can see there is a section called “Blog” if you open that module you will notice there is a category checked (Areas of Focus, in this example).

If you would like, you can further define the content you’re linking to, under the Category list, there is a Tag section with a text field. Tags, for the record, are not always necessary, but are there to help to further filter the category. For example, on a clothing website, Category=Jackets, Tags=New Arrivals or On Sale.

You can find the Tag area (to either specify or take the copy from) on the bottom right of the admin page, near the featured image.

Identifying the category (and tag if necessary) tells the page you’re making, to grab the pages from that category (with the specified tag).

This is how to create a dynamic link section.