Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Heart Failure, Transplant and Recovery

Extending Lives Through Research and Technology

The population is living longer, which means that the number of individuals who are likely to experience advanced heart failure issues is growing. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s® (MHIF) research in this area is varied and extensive. From understanding the disease process, to improving clinical management, to transplant, our team of experts is leading the way toward a better understanding of cardiovascular recovery and expanding options for those with advanced heart failure.

MHIF’s research initiatives have expanded the use of Left Ventricular Assist Devices, or LVADs, so they no longer just keep a heart viable until a transplant is possible. In some cases, VADs can actually restore a heart’s functionality. In essence, MHIF is learning how to repair hearts that previously could only be replaced. Through research on stem cells, new heart failure therapies and heart tissue in transplant patients, we are working to improve the likelihood that an individual’s heart can potentially be repaired or replaced, offering them a chance to live a longer, healthier life.