Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

Seeing the Heart In New Ways

Advanced cardiovascular imaging creates a revolution in understanding and treating heart disease at any age. Three-dimensional images of the heart and blood vessels, coupled with novel device technologies, provide a powerful and innovative force that changes the face of modern cardiology.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s® (MHIF) expertise leads to diagnoses never before possible, detecting issues that previously went unrecognized, all without invading the body with needles or catheters. Our imaging capabilities span all age groups, allowing us to avoid general anesthesia, limit radiation and eliminate complications. The research, discovery and dissemination of learning that has taken place over the last 30 years positions MHIF as one of the nation’s most highly respected centers for cardiovascular imaging.

Imaging Database Changes Outcomes

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s® imaging database includes over 20,000 procedures in CT and MRI imaging. This depth of information allows transformative investigation to help identify and treat various heart and vascular conditions of all ages. Through groundbreaking collaboration across the field of cardiology, new discoveries are happening. Advanced Imaging techniques have been instrumental, for instance, in changing treatment and outcomes for those with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).