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We are grateful for you! Our community is a diverse, passionate group of patients, their supporting families, healthcare professionals, and friends of Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. You help us advance the field of cardiology – and save lives.

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2022 Riebe Run

Date: 10-08-2022About the Event:


Saturday, October 8 @ 9am

French Regional Park
Plymouth, MN

French Regional Park, 12605 Rockford Rd, Plymouth, MN 55441

TMVR Interactive Workshop #5

Date: 10-08-2022About the Event:

In partnership with Pie Medical Imaging®, we are offering our fifth interactive, hands-on physician-led training workshop focused on increasing the competence in CT planning for transcatheter mitral valve interventions. These include valve-in-valve transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR), Valve in Ring and valve in mitral annular calcification planning. In addition to state-of-the-art lectures, participants will learn interactively, how to perform all the necessary steps in the planning and follow-up for these procedures.

An attendee capacity limit of 50 will allow for personalized instruction and ample time for questions and instructor guidance.

Location: Online via Zoom

Complex Cardiovascular Imaging: Education for Technologists, Technicians and Nurses

Date: 10-15-2022About the Event:

Imaging for individuals with cardiovascular disease has continued to advance and grow in complexity. The field of cardiovascular imaging with cardiac CT angiography, cardiac MR, nuclear cardiology/PET and echocardiography has evolved into giving health care providers less invasive testing options to diagnose patients with cardiovascular disease. Multi-modality educational opportunities are limited in this rapidly changing field due to the small numbers of trained cardiac imaging technologists and support staff. 

Educational content will focus on ordering the correct imaging for each patient especially in the areas of structural heart disease, heart failure, coronary flow and more. Participants will learn from industry-leading cardiovascular imaging physicians, clinicians and technologists who will present the most current principles, techniques, risks and limitations of different cardiovascular imaging modalities. 

Location: This is a virtual event facilitated through Zoom webinar

Our Hearts Are Full of Gratitude | Share Your Thanks

We express gratitude to our amazing research participants and our outstanding patients and families. We also cannot give enough thanks to the research teams and healthcare providers who work every day to find new ways to heal and strengthen our hearts. 

❤️ "For ten years the people of the Heart Institute have given me generous, energetic and extraordinary care. I am most grateful to the doctors and staff."

❤️ “Grateful to Dr. Burns, Dr. Katsiyiannis. I have been a patient at Mpls Heart Inst at Abbott for 22 years. I am 91 years old. Such great doctors and care!”

❤️ "But for the efforts of Drs Hauser and Wang, I probably would not be alive today. I am eternally grateful for their care and efforts.”

❤️ "Special thanks to Dr. Paul Sorajja for the TAVR he performed on me on 6/15/2019! His skill gave me additional life with my family!”

❤️ "We will always be so grateful for the doctors and nursing staff at the Minneapolis Heart Institute for saving our son's life in October 2011."

❤️ “I am grateful to have a pacemaker and meds to keep my heart beating normally."


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