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Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Lectures on Women’s Cardiovascular Health 

Watch recordings or view slides from past MHIF Grand Rounds lectures on women’s heart health related topics. 

January 6, 2020 • Overview of the Cardiopregnancy Program at ANW Hospital: A Multidisciplinary Program for the Management of Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease in Pregnancy by William Wagner, MD; Retu Saxena, MD; Karol Mudy, MD (Slides) (Recording)

December 2, 2019 • Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: Unraveling an Enigma by Christina Thaler, MD, PhD (Slides) (Recording)

October 29, 2018 • Prevention of heart disease & stroke in women by Gina Lundberg, MD (Slides) (Recording)

April 9, 2018 • The STORCC (Standardized Outcomes in Reproductive Cardiovascular Care) Initiative by Anne Marie Valente, MD (Slides) (Recording)

April 28, 2016 • Howard B. Burchell Memorial Lecture: Emergence of Nonobstructive Coronary Artery Disease in Women 2016 by Carl J. Pepine, MD, MACC (Slides)

April 18, 2016 • Cardiovascular Disease and Pregnancy by Sarah E. Thordsen, MD (Slides)

January 12, 2015 • Approaching Efficiency in Randomized Clinical Trials in the US: The SAFE-PCI for Women Experience by Sunil V. Rao, MD (Slides)


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