Why Research

Research fuels revolutionary medical breakthroughs that further patient care to improve and save lives. With your help, we can improve heart health for future generations.

Research improves and saves lives

Research is the reason why Hope is Discovered Here. It offers hope in the form of new treatment options, which in some cases is the only option for a life-threatening heart condition. In other cases, hope is discovered in a study that confirms the real benefit of a new therapy, or one that confirms the value of important preventive steps.

At any given point in time, MHIF research teams are conducting more than 200 studies involving more than 2,200 patients.


We rely on — and are grateful for — the participation of patients, like yourself, whose research contributions are critical to creating a world without heart and vascular disease.

Kristen had a heart attack at 29 years old, and was diagnosed with spontaneous coronary artery disease (SCAD). She is a SCAD survivor, patient, mom and tireless advocate for the importance of research. Listen to her inspiring patient story and learn more about why research is critical.

Find Clinical Research Trials


Our clinical research studies test new drugs, devices, and medical procedures to improve care for future generations. View current research studies and see if you qualify to participate.

The MHIF Research Difference

  • Innovation: Every year, exciting breakthroughs and new discoveries are made because of research. MHIF research teams are committed to research across a continuum of care – from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Unparalleled Expertise:  In partnership with the world-renowned physicians at Minneapolis Heart Institute®, our research team members bring a depth of experience from diverse clinical and academic backgrounds, the vast majority of whom are Certified Clinical Research Coordinators. We have state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse patient population.
  • Industry: We partner with a large number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies that select MHIF as a key site for clinical research studies to evaluate promising new treatments and technologies.
  • Passion: Through MHIF’s Innovation Fund, MHIF research teams are provided with the resources necessary to address critical research topics determined by physicians themselves. They then share their findings with professionals worldwide to ultimately help people live longer and healthier lives.


Benefits of Participating in Research

Every year, exciting breakthroughs and discoveries stem from our research. These important findings advance medical knowledge, improving the health and lives of millions of people worldwide.


Be More Active

Take a more active role in your own health care.

Gain Access

You may gain access to investigational treatments and medications.

Make a Contribution

Help find new and better ways to treat people with your condition.

Questions? Contact Us.

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