Patients and Families

Patients are at the heart of our mission. Our Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF) community extends a warm welcome to all patients, families, friends and supporters. 

Hope Discovered Here®

Heart disease affects everyone — if not directly, it’s likely someone close to you has been affected. That’s why, for nearly four decades, MHIF has been committed to one mission — creating a world without heart and vascular disease. Through our ground-breaking heart health research and far-reaching education, we have been able to make the impossible possible for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Our work and research brings the hope of new advances and options to patients.

We invite you to join us for a future event, participate in a research study, let us know if you’d like to share your story, or donate to make more lifesaving research and education possible.

Improving Care for Future Generations

As a world-class research and education organization, our amazing team of research physicians and staff deliver exciting breakthroughs and new discoveries each year that advance medical knowledge and improve and save lives locally, nationally and globally. Our clinical research studies test new drugs, devices and medical procedures to improve care for future generations, while our education programs benefit professionals and community members.

Thanks to these passionate researchers and the supportive, engaged patients who participate in our studies, doctors are improving care for patients who have coronary artery disease, heart attacks, unhealthy heart valves, heart failure, heart rhythm problems, genetic heart conditions, vascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a family history of heart disease — and so much more. We also pursue prevention research to learn about treatments and lifestyle decisions that can prevent heart disease.

Learn more and access resources on how to maintain a healthy heart here.


Real Patient Stories

Meet some of our patients who are grateful for the impact that MHIF research has on improving and saving lives.

“Honestly, I told the doctors, ‘If something happens and I don’t make it through the procedure, but they learn something that can help treat and save other people, it’s worth it. And if it does help me, it’ll be the best thing in the world.”

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“I think that it’s great that there’s an organization like MHIF looking forward to solving these problems, because so many people are affected on so many levels. I mean, some people like me are just born with heart problems, others need to learn more about preventing heart disease, and of course, there’s a huge need to learn how to fix various heart problems. It’s absolutely crucial stuff.”

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“Had it not been for the Minneapolis Heart Institute, and research, after all these years, I wouldn’t be alive. I will never, ever forget how good they are. If they continue with this research and continue with everything that they are doing, hopefully they’ll find cures for a lot of this stuff.”

Read Steven’s story>

“I feel like now SCAD is all over the news, but four years ago, nobody had heard of it. It’s getting more and more press and publicity, and that’s good, because they definitely need to figure out what’s happening. I’m thrilled that MHIF is focusing some women’s heart disease research efforts on SCAD.”

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