Research Study: Target IV
coronary artery disease
Study Sponsor: Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd
Study Investigator: Santiago Garcia, MD
Study Contact: Amy McMeans
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About this Study:

The aim of the TARGET-IV NA trial is to demonstrate the clinical non-inferiority of the Firehawk® rapamycin eluting stent system in comparison to currently approved 2nd generation DES for the treatment of subjects with ischemic heart disease (NSTEMI, recent STEMI (>24 hours from initial presentation and in whom enzyme levels have peaked), unstable angina, and stable coronary disease), with atherosclerotic target lesion(s) in coronary arteries with visually estimated reference vessel diameters ≥2.25 mm and ≤4.0 mm.
Eligibility Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Age ≥ 18 years.
  • Patient (or legal guardian) understands the trial requirements and treatment procedures and provides written informed consent prior to any trial-specific tests or treatment.
  • Patients with an indication for PCI including angina (stable or unstable), silent ischemia (in absence of symptoms a visually estimated target lesion diameter stenosis of ≥70%, a positive non-invasive stress test, or a positive coronary physiology test (e.g. FFR≤0.80 or iFR<0.90 or rFR ≤ 0.89 must be present), NSTEMI, or recent STEMI (STEMI >24 hours and in whom enzyme levels have peaked). For STEMI the time of presentation to the first treating hospital, whether a transfer facility or the study hospital, must be >24 hours prior to randomization and enzyme levels (CK-MB or Troponin) demonstrating that either or both enzyme levels have peaked.
  • Patient is willing to comply with all protocol-required follow-up evaluations.

Angiographic Inclusion Criteria:

  • Target lesion(s) must be located in a native coronary artery with visually estimated diameter of ≥2.25 mm to ≤4.0 mm and up to 44 mm in length.
  • The coronary anatomy is deemed likely to allow delivery of a study device to the target lesion(s).
  • Complex lesions are allowed including calcified lesions (lesion preparation is allowed and strongly recommended with current approved devices (e.g. scoring/cutting balloon and rotational/orbital atherectomy), multivessel disease, CTO,bifurcation lesions (except planned dual stent implantation), ostial lesions, tortuous lesions, and protected left main lesions.
  • Overlapping stents are allowed

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