Research Study: SGLT2

NSTEMI/STEMI (Heart Attack)
Study Sponsor:
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
Study Investigator:
Jay Traverse, MD
Study Contact:

Every research study comes with its own unique risks and benefits; the study team will assess whether you’re an eligible candidate and ensure you’re provided with all the information you need to decide if participating is right for you.

About this Study:

The purpose of the research is to determine whether a medication called dapagliflozin will improve the heart's function and reduce its enlargement after a heart attack. Participation in this study will involve taking the medication dapagliflozin (or a placebo) once daily for six months, one cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test during your initial hospitalization, follow-up phone calls at 1 and 3 months, and one cardiac MRI and clinic visit at six months.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Patients with their first STEMI (> 18 years and < 75 years) who underwent successful primary PCI and able to give informed consent
  • At least mild LV dysfunction (LVEF < 50%) on echocardiogram, cMRI or Left Ventriculargram following PCI
  • Infarct size that is > 10% of LV mass
  • The presence of MVO that is > 10% of infarct size

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