Research Study: RESCUE 3
ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction
Study Sponsor: Lungpacer Medical
Study Investigator: Ramiro Saavedra-Romero, MD
Study Contact: Carina Benson
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About this Study:

This clinical investigation is an open-label, multi-center RCT to demonstrate the safety and effective performance of the Lungpacer DPTS (plus standard of care) as compared to Control (standard of care only) in patients aged 18 years or older who are receiving mechanical ventilation. Eligible Subjects will have received mechanical ventilation for ≥96 hours (4 days) and failed two weaning attempts. The goal or outcome is to show a numerically greater proportion of subjects weaned in the Treatment (Lungpacer DPTS) group as compared to the Control group.
Eligibility Criteria:

  • Are 18 years or older, and,
  • Have been mechanically ventilated for ≥96 hours (4 days), and,
  • Have satisfied the Readiness-to-Wean criteria, and,
  • Have failed at least 2 weaning attempts (that were conducted at least 48 hours after initiation of MV, and, that were conducted on different calendar days, and, at least one of which was the protocol-specific Ventilator Liberation Trial).

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