Research Study: Paradigm
heart valve disease
Study Sponsor: Abbott Medical Devices
Study Investigator: Santiago Garcia, MD
Study Contact: Derek Vang
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About this Study:

The Paradigm study is a prospective, multicenter, single arm study to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the AVP III as a treatment for clinically significant PVLs following surgical implant of a mechanical or biological heart valve implanted in the aortic or mitral position.
Eligibility Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Subject is implanted with a mechanical or biological surgical valve in the aortic or mitral position
  • Note: Subjects in European countries can only be implanted with a mechanical valve in the aortic or mitral position
  • Subject has a clinically significant paravalvular leak with a severity grade of moderate or higher, associated with signs of heart failure and/or hemolysis necessitating recurring blood transfusions.
  • Subject has one clinically significant PVL defect that can be closed with a single AVP III as assessed pre-procedurally
  • Subject has provided written informed consent
  • Subject is ≥18 years old

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