Research Study: PACES
Quitting smoking following acute coronary syndrome
Study Sponsor: MHIF
Study Investigator: Michael Miedema, MD
Study Contact: Christine Majeski
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About this Study:

Quitting smoking following acute coronary syndrome (ACS) can reduce mortality up to 50%. However, depression and smoking are highly co-morbid and depressed mood may interfere with cessation and independently predicts mortality. Thus, a single, integrated treatment for both smoking and depression could be highly effective in reducing post-acute coronary syndrome mortality. Behavioral Activation (BA) is a well established treatment for depression and has recently shown promise as a treatment for smoking cessation. The investigators systematically developed an intervention integrating gold standard smoking cessation counseling with existing BA based mood management techniques for post-ACS smokers; Behavioral Activation Treatment for Cardiac Smokers (BAT-CS). Objective: For this R01 the investigators will evaluate the efficacy of using a single, integrated treatment that targets both depressed mood and smoking (BAT-CS).
Eligibility Criteria:

  • hospital inpatients with an ACS diagnosis documented in medical record within the past 30 days
  • smoked equal or greater than 1 cigarette per day before being hospitalized
  • age of 18-75 years
  • English fluency
  • willing to consider quitting smoking at discharge
  • has a telephone or is willing to use a study issued cell phone
  • willing to consent to all study procedures.

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