Research Study: HighLife
mitral valve regurgitation
Study Sponsor: Highlife Medical, Inc.
Study Investigator: Paul Sorajja, MD
Study Contact: Jenny Nguyen
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About this Study:

Study to evaluate the feasibility, safety and performance of the HighLife trans-septal Transcatheter Mitral Valve in patients with moderate-severe and severe mitral regurgitation who are at high risk for surgical treatment.
Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age ≥ 18 years.
  • Moderate-severe or severe mitral regurgitation (> 3+)
    • For Degenerative MR: EROA ≥ 40 mm2 or regurgitant volume ≥ 60ml
    • For Secondary MR: EROA > 30 mm2 or regurgitant volume > 45ml (i.e., MR ≥ moderate-severe or severe by ASE criteria)
  • Patient has New York Heart Association (NYHA) Functional Class II, III or ambulatory IV.
  • Patient is under guideline directed medical therapy, as reviewed and confirmed by the local multidisciplinary Heart Team, for at least one month.
  • Patient is high-risk for open-heart surgery based on the assessment of the multidisciplinary Heart Team using standard scoring systems and consideration of co-morbidities, frailty, and disability.
  • Patient meets the anatomical criteria for HighLife valve.
  • Patient is willing to participate in the study and provides signed informed consent.

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