Women’s Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death of women, with more women than men dying from heart disease each year. While advances have been made in recent years, disparities remain in terms of health care delivery and health outcomes between men and women. Symptoms of heart disease and a heart attack often present differently for women, requiring different approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, women have historically been under-represented in clinical research, so the solutions that have been found to be effective for men are often given to women, regardless of the evidence that they meet their particular needs.  The good news is that these disparities have received increased attention in recent years. MHIF is well positioned to provide national leadership in the prevention, detection and treatment of heart and vascular disease in women, and has identified women’s heart health as a top strategic imperative. MHIF addresses women’s heart health comprehensively and systematically across the care continuum to reach women at the right time and with the right messages, services and treatments.