Sibling Group in the News for RADIANCE-HTN Study

Three local siblings spoke to KSTP 5 News this week about their struggle with hypertension over the years in hopes of helping others with high blood pressure. Hypertension is the top cardiovascular risk factor, and one billion people worldwide suffer from it. It’s known as the ‘silent killer’ as you may not have symptoms. Genetics may also play a strong role in hypertension.

Candace, Marshall and Wendy Anderson all take medicine to control their blood pressure. Wendy saw a Facebook ad about an investigational procedure-based approach to reduce blood pressure, and she convinced her siblings to participate with her knowing the focused care they would receive in the research study. All three siblings were eligible and randomized into the RADIANCE-HTN research study this week at Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation.  MHIF is the world leader for randomizations for the RADIANCE-HTN research study.

MHIF Researcher and Principal Investigator, Dr. Yale Wang stated, “Our goals are not only to investigate the very innovative and advanced technologies, but also to really get the patients to focus on how to better take care of themselves. ”

Watch the full news piece below. For more information about this research study, please view the RADIANCE-HTN page.