New Findings on Heart Attacks and Statins

A new study, led by MHIF Researcher, Dr. Michael Miedema, has gained a lot of attention this week. The study reviewed more than 1,000 Minnesota heart attack patients and found that there are more risk factors for heart disease than people might think.

The study found that most heart attacks occur in patients with normal cholesterol. Over half of this group had not seen a doctor in the two years prior to the heart attack. New guidelines show that more are eligible to take statins to reduce the risk of a heart attack, in fact nearly 80% of this group would have been eligible for statins under these new guidelines.

The news story references nationally known trainer, Bob Harper, being in great physical shape and still experiencing a heart attack. Dr. Miedema stated, “Being in great shape is fantastic. It’s associated with lower risk for heart disease, but it’s not associated with zero risk.”

The question you should be asking your doctor is “What is my risk for a heart attack?”

Watch the full story on Kare 11 below or read the full published study on the Journal of the American Heart Association.