Dr Katsiyinannis on Kare 11 re: Aspirin & Fish Oil Study

President of Minneapolis Heart Institute® and researcher with Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Dr. Bill Katsiyiannis was interviewed on Kare 11 last week about the recent research on aspirin and fish oil supplements’ effectiveness in preventing heart attacks.

“There is a really good role for aspirin, especially for those that have already had a heart attack. It’s a main stay of the treatment to prevent a second heart attack, and certainly a main stay for those having a heart attack at the time.” Katsiyiannis noted. “But this research looks at ‘can aspirin prevent the first heart attack?’…results show that there really wasn’t any difference between aspirin and placebo in preventing the first heart attack” he continued.

Fish oil supplements were found to not be helpful in heart attack prevention either. However, fish in your diet is very good for you!

Katsiyiannis advised that “research confirms that the best prevention measures are controlling your weight, exercise, treat high cholesterol if you have it, treat high blood pressure if you have it – and quit smoking!

Always check with your doctor before starting or stopping anything – make sure your treatment is individualized to you!