Dr. Abdelhadi Receives ANW Hospital Award


2018 Dr. Bruce E Linderholm Award from Abbott Northwestern Hospital 

The 2018 Dr. Bruce E Linderholm award is presented to an Abbott Northwestern Hospital medical staff member, 45 years of age or younger, who has demonstrated leadership skills within health care and the community at large and is recognized as a potential leader on our medical staff. ANW Hospital Medical Staff is blessed with many young leaders, who work extremely hard to not just provide high quality care for each patient before them, but also to help improve the quality of care delivered by their colleagues and other members of the healthcare team through research and innovative programs. 

We are excited to share that this year’s recipient is Dr. Raed Abdelhadi. Dr. Abdelhadi is a Cardiac Electrophysiologist with the Minneapolis Heart Institute and Researcher with the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. He is a national leader in Cardiac Electrophysiology and was instrumental in creating a first of its kind network for sudden cardiac arrest and the potential genetic factors involved in cardiac arrhythmias. He has already developed an international reputation in the area of implantable cardio-defibrillator device safety. Congratulations, Dr. Abdelhadi!