Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is proud to be a part of the first-in-the-world enrollment in the FDY- 531-302 study for patients who have had a heart attack

May 17, 2022

This study is sponsored by Faraday Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and is targeting patients seeking emergency care for a presumed heart attack. Patients are enrolled and randomized to receive either the experimental drug (FDY- 5301) or a placebo. The study is designed to show whether a single injection of FDY-5301 can reduce the chance of death and heart failure from a heart attack.

“To date we have not found a successful pharmacologic agent that can reduce the additional damage that occurs in the heart upon opening the occluded coronary artery with a stent due to reperfusion injury,” said Jay Traverse, MD, cardiologist, researcher, and study investigator at MHIF.  “Based on early-phase trial results, we are hopeful that the compound manufactured by Faraday Pharmaceuticals may reduce the reperfusion injury that occurs which will translate to fewer cardiovascular deaths and admissions for heart failure.”

We are excited for the possibilities of this study and its results for our patients! Out of 150 centers worldwide and a total cohort of 2,300 patients, MHIF was the first to enroll a patient into this study. Congratulations to the members of our Interventional Research Team – JoAnne Goldman, Amy McMeans and Study Investigator, Dr. Jay Traverse!

For more information, see the Faraday press release.

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