Research Internship Program Supporters

Our sincere thanks to the generous corporations, foundations and individuals that have helped to underwrite the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s® Research Internship Program.

Presenting Supporters ($20,000+)

Mr. John and Mrs. Susan Morrison

Scholarship supporter ($10,000 to <$20,000)

Learning experience supporter ($5,000 to <$10,000)

Doni Family Trust

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susan Horovitz in appreciation of Dr. Richard Nelson and Dr. Frazier Eales

Joseph Durda Family Foundation

Additional supporters (up to $5,000)


Jason Alexander and Leila Tabibian

Alex Campbell, MD

Charles C. Gornick, MD

Mrs. Carol Gamble in memoriam of Frederick R. Gamble and in appreciation of Dr. Michael Samara

Dr. David and Stacey Hurrell

Amy K. and Timothy M. Sullivan

Jay and Sarah Traverse