By sharing our research findings through public and professional educational experiences, we are changing the trajectory of heart disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people throughout the world. 

An Essential Part of Our Mission

Ever since our founding in 1982, education has been an essential part of MHIF’s mission. Our multi-pronged approach to educational initiatives is designed to enable rapid and effective adoption of new learning beyond our doors to achieve local, national and international reach. Through trainings and events for both professionals and the general public, publications, foreign scholars and interns, MHIF acts as a convener of experts on cardiovascular disease, a generator of new ideas and sharing knowledge, and a thought leader for leading expertise and research capabilities.

Over our rich history, foundation researchers have presented and published thousands of peer-reviewed abstracts and manuscripts and every year we publish more than 200 new manuscripts to share learnings from research. 

Grand Rounds

Through our annual series of 32 Cardiovascular Grand Rounds sessions, physicians and other health care providers have the opportunity to review and discuss the latest developments in prevention, treatment and care delivery.

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Research Internship Program

MHIF offers one of the most unique internship opportunities for pre-med track students and those studying other health care disciplines. Working with physician and research staff mentors, interns are assigned a clinical research project. They engage in data collection and analysis, manuscript development, abstract writing and professional presentations.

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International Scholar Program and Cardiovascular Prevention Fellowship

Our International Scholar program brings practicing physicians from countries around the world to work directly with MHI® physicians during a one- or two-year period to advance MHIF-driven cardiovascular research at MHIF.

We are currently offering a high-quality cardiovascular prevention research fellowship. The 2023-2024 fellowship application will open in winter 2022.


Professional Trainings and Conferences

MHIF provides more than 10,000 hours of education each year, helping health care providers put our research into practice to improve outcomes for their patients. Every year, MHIF hosts conferences for medical professionals, including a Cardiovascular Nursing Conference and a Prevention Symposium. Research teams also participate in conferences across the globe to share research developments. 

Public Educational and Awareness Events 

Every year, we offer a variety of educational events to help people learn more about various heart health topics, such as valve disease awareness, women’s heart health and life after receiving a stent.

Cardiovascular Learning and Innovation Center

The Cardiovascular Learning and Innovation Center is a collaboration of world renowned cardiovascular physicians from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Faculty members are dedicated to the experiential transfer of knowledge through educational programs, seminars and consultations. Learn more here.

“At MHIF, we’re in a unique position to take the cutting-edge research that’s being done here, to translate it for care providers and the public, and to create better knowledge around cardiovascular care, new opportunities in treatment, and the application of those treatments to a wide variety of patient groups.

Those principles have been very important in reaching a very broad audience in a wide variety of topics around cardiovascular health, whether it’s valve disease, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology, vascular disease and its treatment, or cardiothoracic surgery and its treatment.”

— David Hurrell, cardiologist and chair of MHIF’s Education Committee

Journal of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation


While we are longer publishing our MHIF Journal, you can still access previous publications.

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