Health Care Professionals

Our unique organizational model enables us to take learnings from our innovative, cutting-edge research and then translate those learnings for health care professionals to improve patient care.

Impacting Patient Care Across the Region, Country and World

As one of the premier and independent nonprofit cardiovascular research centers in the country, MHIF is committed to creating a world without heart disease through collaboration with research colleagues, pharmaceutical and device industries, government and health care providers. Through our efforts to disseminate learnings from our research to health care providers around the world through publications, presentations and educational offerings, our research helps improve and save lives across the globe.

Over the years, MHIF’s efforts to share research findings and educate providers have made significant impacts on patient care nationally and internationally. For example, following the dissemination of findings and protocols from the Level One program for treating heart attack patients and the Cool-It program for cardiac arrest patients, both have changed the standard of care. In 2020, MHIF began serving as the international coordinating and data center for the North American COVID-19 ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Registry (NACMI) to provide physicians insight into the clinical characteristics, treatment strategies, and outcomes of STEMI patients with COVID-19 infection.

Publications and Presentations

Every year, MHIF researchers publish extensively about our research — and the volume of research and number of publications continues to grow on a remarkable trajectory. In 2019, our researchers published more than 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts. View some of our latest publications related to our research on: 

Coronary Artery Disease

Heart Valve Disease 


Women’s Heart Health

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Cardiovascular Learning and Innovation Center

The Cardiovascular Learning & Innovation Center (CLIC) is a collaboration of world renowned cardiovascular physicians and advanced practice providers from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Faculty members are dedicated to the experiential transfer of knowledge through educational programs, seminars and consultations. Learn more

Professional Education

Through professional education, we aim to create a direct relationship between our research and patient care. Through trainings and conferences, Grand Rounds, a clinical research internship program and more, we widely disseminate our research findings to cardiovascular providers and other care providers to enable them to better understand the research and learn to apply it for better patient care.  Learn more

Global Outreach

The MHIF Global Outreach Program began in 2010 and trains doctors, nurses and technicians in Ethiopia and Tanzania to become cardiac specialists. The program also works to develop rheumatic heart disease prevention programs in partnership with Ministries of Health; sustain and create stakeholder relationships with hospitals, medical communities, academic centers and Ministries of Health; and provide treatment at no cost for children and young adults with critical cardiac surgical needs.  Learn more

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