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Knowledge is a powerful tool in the treatment of heart disease.

Heart Healthy Living

Cardiovascular disease basics, tools and information to help improve your health.

Risk Factors

Know what puts you at risk for heart disease, and how to better prevent it.

Through your financial support, MHIF researchers make new discoveries and implement transformational programs that help people live longer and healthier lives. Donor support helps educate the next generation of cardiovascular professionals through MHIF’s internship and educational programs. And contributions make dissemination of findings possible, accelerating the impact of MHIF’s work. Each dollar of support saves lives, which is the best investment possible.

Areas of Focus

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Population Health

Advances in health care have dramatically decreased the death rate from cardiovascular disease over the past three decades.

Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

MHIF’s expertise leads to diagnoses never before possible, detecting issues without invading the body with needles or catheters.



Stories of Gratitude

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Stephanie Rawson: Functional Mitral Regurgitation

Most little girls have big dreams and wishes. Six-year-old Claire is no exception, but the selfless nature of her biggest wish is. She wants to be a doctor for just ONE day in order to do a single, but very important surgery – one that will fix her mom’s heart. The...

Dave Durenberger: Aortic Valve

Dave Durenberger: From health policy expert to grateful patient As a U.S. Senator from Minnesota for 16 years and then a senior health policy Fellow at the University of St. Thomas, Dave Durenberger spent much of his career working on health care reform and health...

Lisa Koenecke: COOL-IT

Lisa's heart event occurred on Oct 23, 2007. She worked for the Delano Chamber of Commerce and was alone in her office; she remembers no part of this story and only knows it as it was told to her. Lisa collapsed and a woman working across the hall found Lisa on the...