Meet Our Female Entrepreneurs

Reviving Roots – Marlee Dorsey

Marlee Dorsey is a mental health therapist and consultant with a focus around intergenerational trauma, social justice and relational cultural work.

Reviving Roots Therapy & Wellness is a culturally responsive, liberation focused and trauma informed mental wellness practice. Currently a solo therapy practice, Reviving Roots has plans of expanding into an integrative wellness practice including yoga, therapy, massage, meditation, and mindful fitness and a liberation focused social network in 2022. As a mental health therapist, Marlee truly values holistic healing, integrating the value of one’s physical and mental health.

“My clients are mainly black and brown folx who want to make a change in their lives for themselves, their families and their communities. I started Reviving Roots after working for a series of practices that I felt valued black folx in words and not in action. So as soon as I was fully licensed, I filed for my LLC.

Batala McFarlane, Publisher Insight News & Co-Founder, iHEAL – Insight Health Equity Action Lab

Batala has worked at Insight News, a family-owned business, for as long as she can remember. She is most fulfilled in her role as the paper’s publisher by the opportunity to empower readers/community through narrative.

iHEAL is the newspaper’s new health equity strategy.  iHEAL works with community and its business partners to develop sustainable solutions to health inequities. Through storytelling and investigative journalism, convenings and programming, iHEAL seeks to promote a culture of health in which everyone has access to information, events and interventions that support generational health.

It is imperative that we continue to support the many creative, community-led projects and programs designed to support women’s wellness, only then will we start to see closure in the health disparities gaps.

Roots for the Home Team  – Susan Moores

Roots for the Home Team is a non-profit program for Twin Cities teens. Our mission is to nourish young people’s appetites for success through unique opportunities. We do it by way of nutritious and delicious salads the youth create and sell, challenging studies, and real-life work. From Roots our teens gain tools to launch, with confidence, into the next levels of life.

We’d like attendees to know that our program serves up personal and professional growth experiences to teens in under-served areas of the Twin Cities and that these amazing entrepreneurial-minded young people are feeding communities from Twins baseball fans, to Open Arms clients, to front-line workers, to neighbors in their neighborhoods.

theNEWmpls – Chaz Sandifer

Chaz Sandifer is the CEO/Founder of theNEWmpls which focuses on affordable fitness, wellness and nutrition. Bringing her holistic approach to the community, Chaz was able to teach others how to break generational cycles, instilling that fitness is fun, quality nutrition is king, and wellness is key to a healthy future. Chaz is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Life and Wellness specializing in trauma healing, diabetes and arthritis prevention. She teaches a monthly meal prep class called Meal Prep w/a Twist, Works with the CDC and MN Dept. of Health on Diabetes & Arthritis Prevention Programs and operates /owns the Camden Farmers Market. She is humble and grateful for this journey, Chaz welcomes you to theNEWmpls.

Women’s heart health is one of the main components theNEWmpls focuses on in the community. Heart disease is the number one killer in women, we want to teach women how to lower their risk through eating well, exercise, and mindfulness. Keeping stress and blood pressure low, diabetes in tact, clean diet, quit smoking, physical activity, decreasing your alcohol intake will lower your chances of getting heart disease.