MHIF Intern Program

Research Internship

The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® offers one of the most outstanding and unique internship opportunities available to undergraduate premed students and those studying in other health care disciplines. Working with physician and research staff mentors, interns contribute to clinical research studies and publications that impact patient care. This past year, the work of former interns was part of 10 presentations at national scientific meetings and 9 publications in peer-reviewed journals. During their 12-week internships, interns spend nearly 11 days on shadowing, observations and other field trips. Click here to learn more.

Applicant type: Undergraduate or post-bacc premed students

Internship positions: 12

Internship period:

  • June-August, full time, application deadline January 31


Population Health Internship

At the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® (MHIF), the goal of our community outreach is to increase personal awareness of risk factors and provide the tools necessary to the pursuit of heart-healthy lifestyles. As part of its mission, MHIF offers a variety of ongoing programs designed to help individuals and communities maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce their heart disease risk. Health and Wellness Education Interns have an opportunity to be part of this work. Click here to learn more.

Applicant type: Undergraduate and graduate students in primary prevention

Internship positions: 1 each period (spring semester, summer, fall semester)

Internship period: 

  • June-August, full time, application deadline March 1
  • September-December, full time, application deadline June 1
  • January-May, full time, application deadline October 1