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Friends of the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia

Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia

Giving Back in Unique and Meaningful Ways 

In 2010, Dr. Vib Kshettry, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® researcher and surgeon at the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, traveled to Ethiopia with a pediatric cardiac surgery team from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® to perform life-saving surgeries. This was part of a growing initiative led by healthcare professionals from across the Twin Cities to help Ethiopia develop its first cardiac surgery team and create a program to prevent Ethiopian children from acquiring rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Collective Effort Saving Lives

Friends of the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia is a group of individuals who have come together to help save the lives of children and young adults with heart disease in Ethiopia by establishing sustainable prevention and treatment programs. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is pleased to support Dr. Vib Kshettry and Friends of the CHFE by giving donors an opportunity to support this effort. Make a donation to FCHFE via this online form.

Learn more about Friends of the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia at http://www.friendsofchfe.org/