Offering Experiential Learning & Collaboration

Transform your ideas with our world-class cardiovascular experts from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Our Programs

Tailored to Specific Needs

 Physician Proctorships

A Physician Shadowing Immersion Program

  • Learn about specific patient interactions and procedures
  • Custom selection of medical specialty and procedures of interest
  • Independent Q & A time with shadowed physician

Use this service to better understand a day in-the-life of a physician or advanced practice provider in their area of clinical expertise. Proctorships enable observers to view live techniques that may not conventionally be taught in a classroom setting. Q&A sessions at the end of the day allow observers to discuss their observations with their physician proctor.


For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA

Focused Clinical Consultation

Consult with Physician or Team

  • General consultation customized to customer needs
  • Specific clinical disciplines selected for consultation team
  • Development agreements available

Use this service to assess the unbiased clinical utility of your ideas. With a single or multi-physician consultation agreement, our physicians will guide you with their clinical knowledge and experience to help transform your ideas into clinical reality. Flexible consulting agreements aid in the rapid clinical assessment and development of your ideas.

Single Physician & Multiple Physician Consultation Agreements Available

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA

Phone Consultation

Scheduled Phone Consult

  • Minimum one hour phone consult with selected physician
  • Contact time scheduled in advance

Use this service for rapid clinical assessment of your ideas. Innovation is a  continuous process that requires the ability to quickly assess the clinical utility of novel ideas. Understanding the clinical feasibility of your idea is paramount in the transformation of your idea into the concept feasibility phase. 

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA

Learning Courses

Cardiovascular Courses

  • Single course fees, up to 15 attendees
  • Customize course modules for class preferences
  • On-site / off-site course instruction available
  • CME’s available

Use this service to register for courses taught by our world-class physicians and advanced practice providers. All course curriculum is developed and taught by physicians and/or advanced practice providers so you get a blended combination of medical knowledge end experience in each course.

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA

Custom Case Review

Custom Case Tutorials on Cardiovascular Conditions

  • Case review consultation with physician using selected imaging media: MRI, CT, Echo
  • 1 hour Q & A with case physician

Use this service for case reviews provided by our world-class physicians. Pre-recorded cases covering selected procedures such as transcatheter valve replacements, open heart surgery, bypass surgery, etc., are provided with the physician who performed the procedure. Q & A sessions allow participants to discuss their case observations with the case review physician.


For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA


Imaging Consultation

Consult with an Imaging Physician

  • Magnetic Resonance (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) and Echocardiography Image Modalities Available
  • Searchable based on: disease state, gender, age, ethnic group

Gain a thorough understanding of cardiovascular morphology and function with a 1:1 consultation with a cardiovascular imaging physician specialist. Whether there is a question about a particular study, or further clinical/procedural planning or guidance, this imaging consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss the case and review our extensive imaging database collection comprised by Echocardiography(3D and TEE), Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) imaging modalities.The imaging consultation will be customized to suit your needs and provide you with a comprehensive review of cardiovascular anatomy, function and/or procedure. Compared to conventional standard textbook reading and drawings, this consultation provides the opportunity to discuss your specific needs, challenges and questions using an engaging framework to facilitate dialog and collaboration based on our experience in advanced cardiac imaging.

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact:
Todd Zielinski, PhD, MBA

About The Center

Who We Are

The Cardiovascular Learning & Innovation Center at Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation® is a collaboration of world renowned cardiovascular physicians and advanced practice providers from the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Faculty members are dedicated to the experiential transfer of knowledge through educational programs, seminars and consultations.



Our Mission

To foster the growth, development and global dissemination of new ideas through learning experiences.

Our Programs

Programs are tailored to specific needs with non-disclosure agreements in place when requested. For some programs, the Cardiovascular Learning & Innovation Center will waive all intellectual property, publication and royalty rights associated with the activity. For others, such as development agreements, contracts are negotiated on a project- specific basis. All proceeds received are allocated directly to support the Cardiovascular Learning & Innovation Center and MHIF research and education programs

Cardiovascular Areas of Focus

• Advanced Coronary Interventions (CCAD)

• Cardiothoracic Surgery

• Clinical Cardiology

• Electrophysiology

• Gene Therapy, Stem Cells and Biomaterials

• Heart Failure and Transplant/VAD

• Imaging

• Interventional

• Prevention and Population Health

• Valve and Structural Heart Disease

• Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

• Women’s Health