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Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center

We are dedicated to providing world-class CT and CMR imaging services.

Clinical Trial Design and Image Acquisition Protocol Development

Our Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center staff and our physicians are experts in reviewing and developing study protocols to ensure imaging requirements are appropriate to achieve study screening and endpoints.


Image Acquisition Protocol Development

Site training and qualification have become required aspects of clinical trials that utilize imaging as endpoints. The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center will collaborate and develop imaging acquisition protocols and manuals to ensure the specific endpoints are properly obtained.


Site Imaging Training and Qualification
Our staff can provide site training on study specific equipment and imaging requirements, imaging acquisition protocols, personnel experience requirements and study site certification.


Case Report Form (CRF) Development
Our staff members are physicians and quality assurance professionals available to work with the study sponsors to develop case report forms for accurate, complete imaging data collection.


Expert CT and CMR Image analysis
Study specific imaging protocols will be developed by Dr. João Cavalcante and team to ensure protocol compliance and expert imaging acquisition and analysis.


Statistical Analysis and Data Interpretation

Our biostatisticians support robust inter- and intra-rater variability controls to ensure analysis consistency.  Data interpretation and statistical analysis support is available from the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center.

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